NetMailBot 5 - Command Line Email for Windows

NetMailBot is the leading Command Line Email program on Windows with unsurpassed quality and deep feature set.

  • Send SMTP email and receive POP3 email on Windows through the DOS command line with the most flexibile and customizable product on the market today.
  • Save time and benefit from automating the sending and receiving of email with NetMailBot.
  • Features not found in any other email product on the market today

Key Features and Benefits

 Create rich message formatting

  • HTML formatting Plain
  • Text formatting
  • HTML and Plain Text mixed formatting
  • Automatic image embedding
  • Message Personalization

Powerful POP3 Email Receiving

  • Monitor email account
  • Download and save messages and attachments
  • Continually monitor POP3 email accounts

Strong Attachment Handling

  • Attach one or more files
  • Attach huge files: 10+ MB!
  • Automatic ZIP compression

Email Automation

  • Email forwarding
  • Auto-Reply
  • Monitor directories and send as an attachment

Detailed Configuration and Diagnostics

  • Run as a Windows Service
  • Log all mail server communication

Easy Database Integration

  • Import from any ODBC data source
  • Import from text or csv files
  • Mail Merge